Did you know that by 2025 it is estimated that Millennials will make up as much as 75% of the workforceⁱ?

As much as I hate to admit it, I am a part of the Millennial generation. As such, when it comes to Yazatel’s solution stack I have shamelessly picked a favorite. Don’t get me wrong, all of our solutions are top notch but there is one I love talking about. It one that allows me to have the work-life balance that so many of us (especially Millennials) strive for. 


Simply put, our Mobility solution empowers your employees to be more productive and efficient whether they are in the office or on the go. Whether you wish to give your employees more flexibility to work from home on occasion or your sales people the ability to have their CRM tools updated automatically while on the road, Yazatel delivers the outstanding features and functionality your business needs in today’s demanding communications environment.

Let’s touch on a few of those features, in no particular order.


Anytime, anywhere? We have an app for that! Yazatel’s mobile application has your back in the ever-increasing trend for an ‘always on’ society, especially as it pertains to the modern-day workforce. With our application, your mobile device turns into your desk phone. Make and receive calls, manage voicemail, and access your contacts all while masking your number to look like you’re in the office.


Increase your business’ productivity while reducing the costs associated with keeping up with technology, that’s the beauty behind Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Smartphones are the most common device seen with this trend but more and more employees are bringing their own tablets, laptops and USB drives into the workplace. With Yazatel’s help you can make sure employees can utilize any device they choose without compromising the security of company data.


Offering a mobility platform that simplifies management and security for your IT team is a no-brainer. As an AirWatch partner, Mobile Device Management from Yazatel allows end users to utilize personal devices for work without sacrificing security. Your IT team has the ability to configure and manage every endpoint while safeguarding company data at every layer.


Keeping your employees connected is one of Yazatel’s top priorities. As an AT&T Mobility Partner, we can offer our customers fast, dependable, comprehensive global network coverage on the mobile network with the fewest dropped calls. Our plans are the most reasonable out there. So reasonable that you may end up putting all your employees on it.


The workforce is filling with Millennials (like myself) who expect things instantly. Combining Yazatel’s Video Conferencing, File Sharing, and Chat features into one Collaboration tool gives today’s employees what they want a whole heck of a lot quicker.


Do you often work away from the office or want to unchain yourself from a physical desk phone? With our softphone feature, enjoy all the functionality of a desk phone without the extra hardware.


The future is here, and it’s time to enable your employees to work anyplace, anytime without sacrificing security.

Contact Yazatel today and we will provide you with powerful calling and mobility features to ensure that your employees and office locations stay connected no matter where they are located.


Governance Studies at Brookings report “How Millennials Could Upend Wall Street and Corporate America