yaza-sd-wanSoftware Defined-WAN (SD-WAN) is revolutionizing the way enterprises approach WAN deployments by reducing costs, increasing security, and streamlining network management. Today, traditional WANs are not able to provide the infrastructure necessary to support the increased use of public and private applications across branch networks. SD-WAN  from Yazatel utilizes the cloud and internet to administer high-performance WAN in a simplified way that helps enterprises optimize the performance of cloud apps they rely on every day, like Salesforce, Dropbox, and Box. SD-WAN technology is the strategic choice for enterprises in need of additional bandwidth without the high price tag and complexity of traditional WAN solutions. Here are a few of the ways Yazatel’s SD-WAN solution is transforming the enterprise:


Adding new branch locations has never been faster. Cloud-delivered SD-WAN technology gives you the flexibility to keep your business agile with zero-touch deployment to new branches. IT intensive, traditional wide area network configuration across multiple locations is complex and requires significant time and resources to provision, deploy, and manage. With Software Defined-WAN you can mobilize new branch locations from the cloud in minutes. Not only can new branches be up and running nearly instantaneously, but new applications can be rolled out quickly, creating an “on demand” environment to meet your changing needs.

Reliable Cloud Application Performance

Degraded cloud app performance stifles productivity and sucks up your staff’s time as they work to troubleshoot problems rather than drive IT initiatives. SD-WAN provides reliable cloud application performance on the public apps you need, like VoIP, video, and desktop sharing. Traditional WAN wasn’t designed to accommodate the bandwidth necessary to provide constant and dependable cloud app performance, however, SD-WAN has evolved to meet the changing needs of today’s enterprises by auto-detecting the fastest network path to optimize application performance. With on-demand remediation and automatic per-packet link steering, SD-WAN provides application assurance while at the same time, forwarding error correction (FEC) and jitter buffering to ensure QoS policies are satisfied for voice, video and other applications.

Streamline Network Management

Network management has never been easier with SD-WAN. IT departments can monitor and control multiple branch locations from a centralized monitoring view. The simplified configuration approach of SD-WAN negates the need for expensive NMS platforms and gives IT staff the visibility and cloud control to manage multiple branch office networks all the while delivering increased capacity, firmware updates, and automatic business policy. This streamlined management and configuration approach limits the need for onsite maintenance and configuration and significantly reduces the time and resources necessary to manage the networks of branch offices.

Reduced costs

Switching from traditional WAN to SD-WAN can contribute to significant cost savings. Since SD-WAN leverages the public internet, most companies are able to scale back or eliminate expensive MPLS networks altogether. Furthermore, optimizing cloud application performance increases productivity and eliminates network downtime caused by networks overloaded with sluggish applications or the time-intensive provisioning of new branches. Additionally, by moving network management from the branch office to the cloud, you eliminate the need for costly hardware and onsite IT staff in each office location.

Increased security

A security breach is a significant cost to your business. Shifting to SD-WAN can be the right decision not only for your bottom line but also for your network security. With the increased visibility SD-WAN offers, you can easily monitor network traffic, allowing you to pinpoint an attack faster. With SD-WAN, local network segmentation is possible so you can limit breaches to a single application. And, with less hardware sprawl and no manual configurations that put your network at risk, SD-WAN offers a more secure branch network.

Software-Defined WAN rises to meet the needs of your changing business environment. SD-WAN is not just hottest IT trend, it provides your company with flexibility, simplified management, and cost savings.

Transform your networks with SD-WAN from Yazatel. If you are ready to learn how SD-WAN can bring greater flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings to your business, contact Yazatel today.