Businesses have been reaping the benefits of hosted PBX phone systems for years. Reduced costs, scalability, and mobility features offered by cloud-based phone systems improve the way we do business. But, when you enhance your phone system with CRM Integration, you really unlock the full potential of both your cloud voice and CRM tools. CRM Integration benefits the entire organization, and here’s how:

1. Builds Stronger Customer Relationships 

CRM Integration helps you establish stronger relationships with your customers, improving customer satisfaction in the long run. Using features like pop-ups, call logging and note taking, prepares you for every call, so you can pick up the conversation where you left off and remember to ask about that trip your customer just took. You can also reach customers across various channels of communication so you can engage them through their preferred method. You can do all this on the go using the mobility features, so you stay connected with customers no matter where you are. 

2. Provides Data You Can Analyze 

In this day and age, data is on of your most valuable assets. Linking your CRM with your phone system allows you to track customer interactions which you can then analyze. Data including hold time, method of communication, number of engagements, length of conversations, and how long customer service calls take all help you understand what it takes to close and retain customers. CRM Integration gives you the ability to analyze your processes and the insight you need to established standards for how to engage with customers across the board. 

3. Improves the Bottom Line  

It’s no surprise that moving your phone system to the cloud reduces CapEx and OpEx. However, adding CRM Integration contributes to even more benefits to your bottom line. With the ability to easily log billable calls, you ensure you are compensated accurately for your valuable time. Strong customer relationships contribute to improved customer satisfaction and retention, all which improve your bottom line. 

CRM Integration from Yazatel can improve your business without any complicated setup or equipment. Call us today to learn more about how CRM Integration can help you work smarter.