Imagine a world where you can get access to top medical professionals anywhere in the country, regardless of your location. Healthcare professionals are widely adopting video collaboration and conferencing to make this dream a reality. Video has been changing the way we do business for years, and for some it’s now changing the way we go to the doctor. From educational resources for doctors and patients to immediate assessment of stroke patients, video helps bring the best healthcare possible to patients across the country.

Orlando Health has implemented video in their telestroke program, in which neurologists specializing in stroke treatment are able to reach patients faster with Polycom’s RealPresence and HDX800 systems. Time is of the essence when it comes to treating stroke patients; the telestroke program connects doctors with stroke patients sooner using video, thus increasing their chances of a full recovery. For these patients receiving an assessment and treatment even a few minutes sooner can make all the difference in their quality of life in the future. Using video also enables these stroke specialists to reach and treat a larger number of patients throughout the region, as they can perform these assessments from anywhere with an internet connection.

Auburn University has also recently launched a TelePharmacy using Polycom’s RealPresence and its vast mobile capabilities, expanding healthcare options for rural populations. The TelePharmacy gives underserved populations access to top pharmacists from even the most remote location. As more doctors offices and hospitals incorporate video into their practice, patients in rural areas can also cut down on travel time when video is leveraged for routine follow up appointments or to receive test results, eliminating the need for additional in person visits.

With constant new developments in field of medicine, continuing education is an crucial part of the medical profession. However, with demanding work schedules it can be nearly impossible to keep up with all the new research and practices. With live and on demand video courses, healthcare professionals can stay current with the newest developments on their own time. Video courses can also expand services for patients, including access to resources such as webinars on topics like substance abuse, wellness education, and preventative care.

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