At Yazatel, we pride ourselves in what we call the “Yaza Edge“. We work tirelessly to make sure that solutions we offer our customer are on the cutting edge and won’t cost a fortune. This is where our secret lies behind our business communications, meeting the needs of businesses in ways other providers cannot.

Are you ready to hear what it is?


The central technology behind how the Internet works is now on the cusp of taking on the telephony world. HTTP, the protocol standard that guides Internet Browsers, well, to browse is now combined with a new standard – WebRTC – creating a radical change in the way we communicate. Or better said, conform to the way we now communicate.

This is welcomed news to businesses trying to contort “legacy analog, kind-of, sort-of digital and maybe IP, systems” to offer services in today’s work anywhere, everywhere, when you want at anytime you want and with any device environment. The mainstay of business communications systems, the PBX, is the same technology architecture as it was when introduced some 50 years ago. In fact, the core of most of today’s “Hosted PBX” platforms are just that – 50-year-old technology with a multi-user twist.

WebRTC is an open set of communications protocols that facilitate Real Time Communication – Voice, Video, Content Sharing and Messaging, all based on simple JavaScript APIs. API’s that reduce to the minimum necessary lines of code to facilitate a phone call, Video Session or even build a Contact Center. Compare that to the hundreds, if not thousands of lines of code for an old-world legacy PBX system. 

Browser based WebRTC is already imbedded in Chrome, Firefox, IOS, Android and coming soon to IE, and is nearly invisibly ubiquitous. If you use Uber, Facebook’s WhatsApp, Yelp, Zendesk, or even the Crisis Text Line you’re using WebRTC. Twilio, NYSE: TWLO, perhaps the largest WebRTC platform provider in the space, for example, has over 30,000 customers, processing 75 billion connections that reach 1 billion devices world-wide annually and growing exponentially.

Yazatel’s holistic approach to Business Communications includes our elegantly robust WebRTC API stack of Cloud Voice, Mobility, Video, Presence, Collaboration and Analytics solutions; combined with certified tools, services, security and the people to make your company’s communications easy to manage and less expensive to operate. Should we also add, Intelligent?

Yazatel handles the messy task of plugging into the Public Switched Telephone Network, PSTN, or the telecommunications infrastructure on the back-end, saving companies time for better battles.

It’s that easy. Are you ready to talk about breaking up with your desk phone? Contact us today!